Patrick Godbey

PGCOM Telegram Bot


March 17, 2021

I enjoy unified interfaces. I don’t like having one pattern of movements or steps be exclusive to each service. I think everything should conform to the way I want to use it. I mean, that is a lofty goal, one that I will never achieve, but one that will at least drive low level exploration and customization for the sake of doing it.

As such, we arrive at my telegram bot called pgcom_bot. This is a PHP based telegram bot who’s purpose is to be a central interface allowing me to send content to be published on my existing and future media outlets. Currently that is twitter, mastodon, and this website.

The software I write isn’t necessarily super complex full featured applications. I don’t have the attention span to do that. I enjoy writing small tools that meet my specific requirements, and then move on. I will post the code the bot below once I work out the bugs.