Ditched reactjs and netlify, went back to WordPress.

By patrickg,

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I know I know. I had spent a good month or two learning react + netlifycms + bulma + react-bootstrap and more. Attempting to get better with it and build as I learn. But god damn, I guess I am just impatient, or something. React is really cool. Don’t get me wrong, but as my desires shifted toward wanting to create content and less toward wanting to solve a technical problem to create new content, I decided to just say fuck it, and go back to what I know.

WordPress sucks. This post was written in WordPress. But you are not reading this post on WordPress. You are reading a optimized, minified, git-versioned static generated deployment of my site. WordPress without letting the public touch WordPress is really cool. Despite all I learned with react and netlify, which to their credit is a really cool service and really cool interface, I just really prefer this environment for writing.