Keeping it fresh with an update

By Patrick Godbey,

  Filed under: blog

Not much new in the way of technical updates. Been re-working on my old health-scraper project, which I hope to get working somewhat in the coming weeks. Other than that, I may be looking at a change in office situation in the coming months. I am excited if it works out, otherwise I wont talk about it again.

Replaced the camera glass on my phone camera. Wide angle went in a touch foggy, so that’s fuckered.

Replaced the magnetic bed on my Ender 3 Pro w/ the official glass bed. Prints come up super clean, no sticky filament, but I need to re-level. Running octoprint on an orange-pi. My c720 web cam is kind of a piece of shit and I want to either re-make it with an upgrade for telephoto lenses, or just a good cleaning.

I guess that’s about it. Been playing a bunch of space engineers and rocket league lately.