May 30th, 2020

Fuck off forge.

The Problem

I don’t know why, but this is the 3rd time that Laravel Forge as just up and decided to not be able to connect to my server anymore. The last time I wound up wiping the server and starting over, but this time, end of the service month is coming up, so I just decided to jump ship.

Search for solution

Since I’m going to have to rebuild anyways. I gave a try, but the time it took to create a new site, or change the PHP version was PAINFULLY slow. I’m talking on the order of 5-10 minutes to create a new WordPress site. 5-10 minutes to change PHP version, or update a user. I liked the interface, but it was just so slow. Then on top of that the sites made with it were also extremely slow. This site is lean and I’m not even talking about the generated version. The build version is VERY light weight and typically loads in ~300-400ms. I was seeing page loads near 2.9-3.2 seconds using a ran server. Same data center on digital ocean too. So I don’t know what the deal was.


I don’t manage a ton of sites manually, so I figured I would take a look and see what is out there. I have used Easy Engine in the past, but their update and move to docker containers killed it for me when I started having services crash and was unable to recover them. However, there was a fork of Easy Engine made prior to the docker update called WordOps. I checked it out, setup a demo site, and it was the speed and responsiveness that I can expect. They have kept it up to date so php 7.4 and a really nice looking dashboard and netdata monitoring dealy. I mean, you still have to get into the cli to make sites, but thats fine in exchange for free.