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Things in my mental rotation: A list.

  GI Joes GI Joes have occupied a good part of my time lately. Bidding and buying them directly on ebay has yielded  small army on my desk. I collected them as a kid, well, collected, rather I had a collection of them. I started buying the ones I remember having myself, and then a  … Read more

My experience with Publii

I am using Publii to manage my site now. It is a locally installed/managed static site generator/CMS that builds and uploads your site content to a variety of hosting providers. I have it using Github Pages as my provider. I like Publii because of it’s simplicity. I can choose a dropbox/drive folder to store site  … Read more

WordPress, GraphQL, and Gatsby.

I know what you are thinking. Well, if you are me, re-reading this again later on, I know what you are thinking. If I am mentioning Gatsby, its probably because I am bored and want to work on something different. Have a cookie, you are correct. For a while now, my site here, a combination  … Read more

5 steps to ace a programming interview.

Ok first off let’s manage expectations. This advice does NOT apply to kinds of programming jobs at the top ~5% of the talent pool. It also doesn’t apply the bottom 10% of the talent pool. Im talking about the not junior, but not quite senior and senior development positions. Nothing client facing also. 1. Don’t  … Read more

Fuck off forge.

The Problem I don’t know why, but this is the 3rd time that Laravel Forge as just up and decided to not be able to connect to my server anymore. The last time I wound up wiping the server and starting over, but this time, end of the service month is coming up, so I  … Read more

Project: Hotdog Supernova

Did you know that pig asses make excellent hotdogs because they come pre-marinated in whatever the pig ate? Delicious. Also if you keep adding feet to a footlong hotdog it will eventually go supernova. This concept was the basis for a fun exercise called Hotdog Supernova. Site was built in the half hour before a  … Read more

Adding Basic Auth to site on Laravel Forge

Here I am going to outline how I added basic auth to my build environment for this site. I switched servers to run on Laravel Forge, and the only instructions I could find for how to do this were several years (and versions of Forge) old. I know the server is running nginx, and I  … Read more

3D Printing a replacement ball joint for phone holder vent mount

This thing has been driving me insane for the past several months. Don’t know where/when I got this phone holder, but the thickness/spring weight of the holder just feels right when I place the phone in it, and it holds the phone firm. super shitty thin stamped grippy tongs that hold the vent   The  … Read more

CircleCI is cool and all, but let’s just roll w/ GH pages

I cant spend a TON of time playing with new stuff, not as much as I would like. I got to try out circle CI to the point of getting to work and getting to understand HOW it works, which is the most important take away really. The upsides are that I am not familiar  … Read more