Site Updates

By patrickg,

Lots of new features added this time around.

Added breadcrumbs for interior non-home pages. Also added a fun nugget to auto-create side column menus for subpages when they exist. So I will setup my about page with some subpages, check it out. Still trying to tweak it to show sibling pages. right now it is just showing children of the parent. I’ll get to it. Calm down.


Fixed the subpages menu dealy. Also added some logic to only display breadcrumbs when there are breadcrumbs. So no empty container for top level pages.

Ditched reactjs and netlify, went back to WordPress.

By patrickg,

I know I know. I had spent a good month or two learning react + netlifycms + bulma + react-bootstrap and more. Attempting to get better with it and build as I learn. But god damn, I guess I am just impatient, or something. React is really cool. Don’t get me wrong, but as my desires shifted toward wanting to create content and less toward wanting to solve a technical problem to create new content, I decided to just say fuck it, and go back to what I know.

WordPress sucks. This post was written in WordPress. But you are not reading this post on WordPress. You are reading a optimized, minified, git-versioned static generated deployment of my site. WordPress without letting the public touch WordPress is really cool. Despite all I learned with react and netlify, which to their credit is a really cool service and really cool interface, I just really prefer this environment for writing.